About our homeschool support

1) All students between the ages of 7 to 16 years old that are not enrolled in either public or a private school must be enrolled in a Church school. The Church school is what we call an umbrella or cover school. It is called that because the Church school gives the parent legal cover to homeschool their children.

2) It is also required that a copy of every studentís enrollment form be sent to the appropriate school district, showing that the student is enrolled in a Church school. I take care of this for the parents at Calvary School.

3) The parents keep records of attendance and grades.

You do not need any kind of degree to homeschool your own child.

That is it as far as the state requirements go! Each Church School has different requirements. Some are very strict in what you can and can’t do, but at Calvary School I feel our requirements are very simple.

*Parents be sure to withdraw your children from the previous school when you enroll with Calvary School. This can only be done by a parent or guardian.

Calvary School Provides

Legal Cover, records, High School Diploma, transcripts, along with a monthly newsletter which includes news about the School and Homeschooling. There will be a fee for diploma and cover. Parents can buy and sell school curriculum books, tapes, learning software, games and etc in the newsletter.

Calvary School Requirements

Grade and attendance are turned in to Calvary by semester. These are due February 1st and June 1st. Application and semester forms can be printed out from the on-line forms, and mailed or faxed to Calvary. If you don’t have access to a computer, call and I’ll mail them to you.

We at Calvary School require that students be taught for 145 days a year, three hours a day, kindergartners a little less time – High School students may need a little more time. Each studentís work should be graded and kept until the end of the school year. You’re going to hear all kinds of stories that you need to do this and that is required, but each Church School sets their own requirements. Church School’s requirements vary greatly, I feel that Calvary School’s requirements give parents more flexibility than most other Church schools.

Other activities that can be counted as homeschooling time are field trips, museums, computer time, sports, Bible School, Children’s Church, learning tapes, cooking etc reading. Almost any activity can be used as a learning experience.

Calvary School doesn’t require a statement of faith or membership in HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).

Choosing Your Curriculum

Parents are free to pick and choose their own curriculum. Sometimes itís easier when first starting out homeschooling, to buy a packaged program from one company than to pick and choose from several. You can find curriculum companies on the Internet by looking up HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM or by looking on e-bay. You can find links to curriculum sites from the links we provide. You can also find curriculum at Books A Million, Barnes and Nobel, Sam’s, used bookstores and WalñMart. Sometimes you can find large workbooks that cover 7 subjects for grade school students. These can be supplemented with other single subject books, computer programs and educational games. For Junior High and High School students I suggest ordering their curriculum.

The Library is a wonderful free source of material, and every family should have a card. In addition to books and tapes on every subject, you can also find books about homeschooling that will help you find your own teaching style. I know at the end of the school year I find myself using the Library more, it just helps change the pace some.

For Students transferring from Public School during the School year, you will need to count how many days the student attended Public School to figure out how many days of homeschooling will be required to complete the 145 days for the Calvary School year.

Enrolling with Calvary School and turning in grades and attendance meets all of the requirements by the State of Alabama to homeschool your children.

Registration and Tuition Fees

Registration is $200.00 for new students, and $150.00 for returning students. Enrollment runs from June 1 through August 15. For students that enroll after August 15, the fee will be $250.00. These fees are per family, per year. These fees are due at registration and are not refundable. Tuition must be received with the application for a student to be enrolled. No personal checks will be excepted – payment via Credit Card / PayPal using our online form or with certified funds.

Grounds for Dismissal

The grounds for dismissal from Calvary School are: failure to turn in semester reports (grade & attendance),failure to keep Calvary School informed of contact information changes(Phone #, mailing addess,or email changes) or any verbal or abusive behavior toward anyone associated with Calvary School.

Thank you for your interest in Calvary School.
Carla Floyd, Administrator