Calvary School Release Form

I understand and accept that enrollment with Calvary School places the responsibility of educating our children on us the parents. We do not hold Calvary School or the administrator responsible for the education or supervision of our children.

We release Calvary School from all legal liability, and we agree to not hold Calvary School responsible for the legal fees or other expenses for any legal actions against our family.

I also understand that the grounds for dismissal from Calvary School are failure to turn in semester reports (grade & attendance) on time. Any verbal or abusive behavior toward anyone associated with Calvary School, this includes any misbehavior during any Calvary associated function. I understand that if any misbehavior occurs during a Calvary function, actions will be taken as follows:

1st Verbal warning from school official.
2nd Written suspension from Calvary functions. If this is violated.
3rd Permanent dismissal from Calvary School.

I understand that there are no refunds for enrollment fees.
I understand that is my responsibility to read the “Carla’s Desk” section of the newsletter each and every month. I will contact the school as soon as possible if I do not receive a newsletter. I also acknowledge that the newsletters are posted on Calvary’s website at for my reading and printing purposes.

Please read carefully before signing.
* No Student will be enrolled without completing this form.

Calvary Release Form

Online Forms

Click on the links below to fill out our forms. Students will not be enrolled until forms are received and tuition is paid.



Student Record Release

Calvary Release

Semester Report

Printed Forms

You can also print out the forms, fill them out and return them to us with certified payment. If you do elect to print and mail the forms we need:

New students

Application – Two copies per student.

Enrollment – Three copies per student.

Student Record Release – Three copies per student.

Calvary Release – Two copies per student.

For returning students

Application – Two copies per student.

Calvary Release – Two copies per student.

Semester Report – Semester reports are due February 1st and June 1st. Fill out two forms, keep one for your records and send us one copy.