Our Required Forms for 2019/2020 School Year

Click on the links below to fill out our forms online. If you elect to use the online forms you must include payment via online payment. Students will not be enrolled until forms are received and tuition is paid. Payment is made via credit card / Paypal. If you are not able to complete the process online, please look for the option to print and fill out the forms with certified payment.

Online Forms Option

Enrollment – Required to enroll

Student Record Release -Required to enroll

Application – Required to enroll

You MUST FILL OUT and SUBMIT the (1) Enrollment, the (2) Student Record Release,  and the (3) Application in order for your student(s) enrollment to be accepted.

Semester Report – To be submitted at the end of each semester

2018-2019 School Year

Printed Forms Option

You can also print out the forms, fill them out and return them to us with certified payment. If you do elect to print and mail the forms we need:

New students

Application – Two copies per student.

Enrollment – Three copies per student.

Student Record Release – Three per student.

For returning students

Application – Two per student.

Semester Report – Semester reports are due February 1st and June 1st. Fill out two forms, keep one for your records and send us one copy.