High School Requirements


Diplomas are optional because when homeschooling you are not required to receive a diploma. Calvary School offers three types of diplomas. There is a fee for diploma printing. We will have a graduation ceremony at the end of the school year to award diplomas to Senior’s graduating. There will be a fee for the graduation ceremony, but the ceremony is optional.

Vocational diploma: A Vocational diploma is offered ONLY to our special education students.

Standard diploma: requires 25 credits.

  • English 4
  • Math 4
  • Science 4
  • History 4
  • Physical Education 1
  • Electives 8

Academic diploma: requires 25 credits.

  • English 4
  • Math 4
  • Science 4
  • History 4
  • Foreign Language 2
  • Physical Education 1
  • Electives 6


English grammar and comp. I,II,III,IV, American Literature, English Literature, Composition, Creative Writing


Consumer Math, General Math, Business Math, Basic Math, Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, II Trigonometry, Calculus,


Biology I,II Earth Science, Chemistry, Pathology, Ecology, Anatomy, Oceanography, Physical Science, General Science, Physics

Social Science

Ancient History World History, American History, Alabama History, Civics, Government & Economics, African American History, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology

Foreign Language (must take 2 years in the same language)

French, Spanish, Latin, Italian, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese

Physical Education

Swimming, Ice Skating, Dance, Ice Hockey, Softball, Golf, Soccer, Horseback Riding, Any Team Sports, Basketball, Archery etc


Fine Arts, Art, Music, Music Class, Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Choirs, Theater, Speech, Computers, Word Processing, Computers Introduction,Word, Programming, Bible, Religion, Psychology, Human Behavior, Sociology, Home Economics, Sewing, Cooking / Nutrition, Interior Decorating, Drafting, Accounting, Native American Studies, Wilderness Survival, Cosmetology, Photography, Criminal Justice/Law, Sign Language, Wood Working, Automotive, CPR/First Aid, SAT/ACT Prep, Aviation, Aviation History

College Bound Students

ACT testing can be arranged at www.ACT.org. Follow the directions to register a date, time and location to be tested. Check with your college choices to find out what their score requirements are.

It is required that all high school subjects are to be list as such : Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, II, Geometry etc…American Literature, Comp I, II etc…… American History, Geography etc…… Biology, Physical Science, Anatomy, etc….. Never Just Math, Science, History or English.

Only 1 credit per subject title is allowed. Absolutely no exceptions.

1 credit = 135 hours per subject title. Only one grade level per physical school year (Sept 1 – June 1) will be accepted.

It is also a good idea for college-bound students to take Alabama History.